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I’m a painter and homebrewer living in Philadelphia. My recent work largely incorporates animals and landscapes melding together the humorous and melancholy, coupling the realistic and mythological outlook on hunting in Pennsylvania.

Taken individually, each painting is a piece of my story — my past (growing up somewhat at odds with my rural surroundings, changing landscapes, aggression versus compassion), my present (each image now doubles for artistic metaphors: isolation vs community, the give and take, survival. And my future (there is no one-to-one correlation between image and message, there is no hidden agenda).

Any attempt to tell a story in a single picture would be too passive. Taken as a whole, these portraits breathe a living force. Again, the image folds upon itself: dependence on nature and dependence on artistic growth— uprooting the idea of man-made.

Growing up near Scranton, Pennsylvania, I slowly moved my way south through the state before settling in Philadelphia. A lover of craft brews, merlots, 90s hip hop and 70s punk rock, I am also a former English Major posing as a newspaper rep. I live with my lovely wife and son, steps away from the Kelpius Cave and Wissahickon Park in Roxborough, Phila.


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